Immediate Mark by Steven Tritt

Steven Tritt Double 2020
Steven Tritt, Double, 2020

Steven Tritt’s new solo exhibition, Immediate Mark, presents two series of artworks created during 2020. Lonely Ocean interviewed Steven Tritt earlier this summer during a virtual visit to his Illinois studio while this work was underway. Let’s take a look at how it all turned out!

First, there is the “Legacy” series of impressive black and white drawings that are the latest evolution of Tritt’s figurative work. Double (above) and Blood and Asphalt (below) are examples of using gestural mark-making to create elegant, spontaneous compositions. These “immediate, emotional gestures” are most often charcoal drawings on translucent Yupo paper, but Tritt incorporated other materials in some of the drawings as well.

Steven Tritt, Blood and Asphalt, 2020
Steven Tritt, Blood and Asphalt, 2020

The second series is called The Home of the Range. Initially, Tritt used old photos and postcards of slaughtered bison as reference materials, and the artist’s concern about “the harm we do as humans to the landscape, animals, and other people.”

Steven Tritt, White Flood, 2020
Steven Tritt, White Flood, 2020

As with the figurative work, these landscapes incorporate gesture drawing to create a dynamic energy. A gorgeous composition in red, yellow, and green, White Flood is a painting on canvas that also incorporates charcoal and graphite for mark-making.

Expressing isolation, alienation, guilt, humor, beauty/ugliness, and the human condition, my work reflects the country and the world we live in.

Steven Tritt

In Sea to Shining Sea and Star-Spangled Landscape, Tritt links his themes to the American experience of nationhood with title and imagery. Sea to Shining Sea is a vividly colored abstraction whose form is reminiscent of a map of the United States.

Steven Tritt, Sea to Shining Sea, 2020
Steven Tritt, Sea to Shining Sea, 2020

Star-Spangled Landscape, on the other hand, is a collage in more subdued colors made with US flag material with latex, acrylic, and pastel layered over it.

Steven Tritt, Star Spangled Landscape, 2020
Steven Tritt, Star Spangled Landscape, 2020

Check out Immediate Mark by Steven Tritt, the exhibit runs until January 16th, 2021. Exclusively online at and curated by Rebecca George, CEO/Curator, The Art House Gallery.

Keep up with Steven Tritt:
Instagram: @steventritt


    1. Thank you, Peter. Your belief in my work has always been inspirational. Hope you are doing well. It would be great to catch up over a cup of coffee when it’s safe to do simple things like that again.

  1. Fantastic, Steve. You’ve created works of real depth and beauty. Even a knucklehead like me can see that. Be proud. Keep working!

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