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I thought maybe a banana could be a good contribution!

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No Bananas Here

Some say that Art Basel has made Miami an important, but not-too-serious, outpost in the art world. The 2019 fair is most likely to be remembered for a $120,000 stunt with a grocery store banana. At Lonely Ocean, we are quite serious about original art, and we are continuing our coverage of Art Basel Miami with our picks of the best original artwork from the satellite fairs. And if the hullabaloo was too much for you, our favorites are still available to purchase online (and at prices far more reasonable than the banana in question).

Aqua Art Miami

Aqua Art Miami has become the premier destination for prominent collectors and art aficionados to procure original artwork by young, emerging and mid-career artists, with a relaxed yet energetic vibe.

Gavin Benjamin

Original Artwork by Gavin Benjamin. Head of State no. 21
Gavin Benjamin. Head of State No. 21. 2019.

Born in Guyana and raised in Brooklyn, Gavin Benjamin received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Benjamin combines original analog photography and appropriated images with collage, paint, varnish, and Swarovski crystals to create a mash-up of couture art. He is highly influenced by the way culture, media, politics, fashion, and design interact, and his artwork asks questions that confront a man of color in America today. You can find Gain’s original artwork for sale on Artsy.

Lacey Kim

Original Artwork by Lacey Kim
Lacey Kim. All at Once 2. 2019

Lacey Kim was born and grew up in South Korea. After graduating from Seoul Women’s University with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, she pursued an international education, completing an MA at Nottingham Trent University in the UK, and an MFA from the Pratt Institute in New York 2009. Her original artwork challenges the viewer to reconcile that which we see with that which we feel. Her free-flowing process, punctuated with moments of diligent detail, is itself a statement on what we conceive as ‘art’. By embracing and exploring the relationship between space and form, Kim achieves a startling resonance; we are confronted with the freely occurring – nature’s totality of forces. You can find Lacey Kim’s work for sale on Artsy.

Art Miami 2019

In its 30th year, Art Miami maintains a preeminent position in America’s modern and contemporary art fair market and is globally recognized as a primary destination for the acquisition of the most important original artwork from the 20th and 21st centuries​.

Alejandro Monge

Original Artwork by Alejandro Monge
Alejandro Monge. Good Taste is Overrated. 2019

Alejandro Monge was born in Zaragoza, Spain. He studied Fine Arts, Sculpture and Design at the Zaragoza College of Fine Arts. Utilizing large-format canvases, Zaragoza manages to make the viewer doubt: is it a painting or is it a photograph?  You can find Alejandro Monge’s work for sale on Artsy.

Andy Burgess

Original Artwork by Andy Burgess
Andy Burgess. Dancers. 2019

Andy Burgess is a London-born artist currently residing in Tucson, Arizona. Burgess is known for his renditions of modernist and mid-century architecture, panoramic cityscape paintings, and elaborate mosaic-like collages made from vintage papers and ephemera collected over many years.  You can find Andy Burgess’ work for sale on Artsy.

Ink Miami

Founded in 2006, the Fair is presented by the International Fine Print Dealers Association [IFPDA].

Sean Flood

Original Artwork by Sean Flood One Dalton 2017
Sean Flood. One Dalton. 2017

Sean Flood lives and works in Boston and New York City, he holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston. Flood works between oil painting and works on paper while focusing on the ways the urban environment can be translated. He strives to demonstrate the constant change in atmosphere, the variety of environments and interactions he observes through mark-making. You can find Sean Flood’s work for sale on Artsy.

James Kennedy

Original Artwork by James Kennedy
James Kennedy. Transpositions II. 2019.

James Kennedy was born in Northern Ireland. He studied at the Royal Scottish Academy, Rhodec Academy, and the London School of Contemporary Dance. In Kennedy’s works on paper, the artist utilizes a multitude of vertical and horizontal planes, almost like architectural circuitry. These forms and shapes overlap and cascade across the picture plane to create dense and beautiful compositions. You can find James Kennedy’s work for sale on Artsy.


NADA, or the New Art Dealers Alliance, holds a renowned art fair to vigorously pursue their goal of exploring new or underexposed art that is not typical of the “art establishment.” NADA Miami is one of the only major American art fairs to be produced by a non-profit organization. 

Amir Guberstein

Original Artwork by Amir Guberstein
Amir Guberstein. Wisdom of Solomon 9-3:1, Ten, 2019

Following an expressionist tradition that explores the world through painting and mark-making, Amir Guberstein examines the contemporary perspective fueled by both personal and universal Jewish history and mythology. Each of Guberstein’s paintings centers around a single gesture that is made with black and white gesso, mixed with sand from Guberstein’s hometown in Israel as well as from the West Bank, Palestine. Indecipherable scribbles of words then streak across the surfaces, transcribed from The Book of Lamentations (or Eicha, a series of poems describing, in lyrical detail, the desolation of Jerusalem), and expressive marks of bright pastels complete the compositions mounted on canvas. You can find Amir Guberstein’s work for sale on Artsy.

Wieske Wester

Original Artwork by Weiske Wester
Weiske Wester. Glass #2. 2019.

Wester’s paintings and drawings depict the human desire for identity, yet are peppered with references to aggression and sexuality. Fruit, vegetables, fish, and figures that hover between beast and man regularly pass in review. For Wester, the physical act of painting and drawing is the most direct way to capture the fluidity and forcefulness of the human spirit. Wieske Wester obtained her BFA from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, after which she was selected for a two-year residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. In 2015 she graduated from the HISK in Ghent. In 2017 she was nominated for the Royal Prize for Contemporary Painting in Amsterdam. You can find Wieske Wester’s work for sale on Artsy

Scope Miami Beach

Scope honors its perpetual mission to provide a platform for discovery, welcoming 134 diverse contemporary exhibitors featuring The New Contemporary, a genre that stands as a critical contribution to both global politics and local community engagement.

Pablo Manga

Colorful Painting by Pablo Manga
Pablo Manga. Con Razon Y Sin Razon. 2019.

Pablo Manga is an Oakland, California-based, Colombian-American artist. He describes his process as creating “abstract compositions — layered monochromes, undulating horizons, destabilized grids and floating stacks— using semi-transparent, adhesive tape as a painting medium.”  You can find Pablo Manga’s work for sale on Artsy.

Dima Hunzelweg

Original Artwork by Dima Hunzelweg
Dima Hunzelweg. HW-100 (Halber Wirfel), 2017

Pursuing perfection in a new approach to geometrical abstraction, Dima Hunzelweg uses mixed media “to blur the distinction between painting and sculpture.” Dima currently lives and works in Moscow. You can find Dima Hunzelweg’s original artwork for sale on Artsy.


UNTITLED, ART is an international, curated art fair that focuses on curatorial balance and integrity across all disciplines of contemporary art.

Erika Ranee

Original Artwork by Erika Ranee
Erika Ranee. Bob. 2018

The tension between “inside” and “outside” in Erika Ranee’s paintings draw you into an enclosed space with an explosive and rhythmic internal movement. The vibrant colors, organic shapes, and linear marks that link the forms like veins, altogether resonate with living organisms, body, or microscopic landscapes. You can find Erika Ranee’s work for sale on Artsy.

Ronny Quevedo

Original Artwork by Ronny Quevedo.
Ronny Quevedo. sun and moon (for Albert Spencer). 2019

Ronny Quevedo’s artistic practice is an examination of the vernacular languages and aesthetic forms generated by displacement, migration, and resilience.  Inspired by his own family history and migration, Quevedo transcribes the graphics of locality, community, and remembered environments directly into his work. Lines and markings from basketball and indoor football courts, freehand signage, and milk crates are just a few of the forms that find their way into Quevedo’s transcriptions; allowing the artwork to simultaneously serve as an homage to the narratives of historically marginalized peoples, and a platform for dialogue and community engagement on continued practices of marginalization. You can find Quevedo’s work on Artsy.

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