Mary Nevicosi. Updraft Via Saatchi Art
Mary Nevicosi, Updraft (via Saatchi Art)

I paint everyday. Reflecting the time, day, season and years of a quiet county life lived in the Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin, my paintings are the journal of my experiences. 

Mary Nevicosi

Wisconsin artist Mary Nevicosi paints bucolic landscapes that evoke an atmosphere that we find enchanting. Atmospheric painting has a unique place in the canon of art. Ever since Leonardo gave us that mysterious landscape behind Mona Lisa, atmospheric painting has always been considered the forerunner to abstraction.

Atmospheric painting reached its greatest heights with 19th-century British painter, J.M.W. Turner. Turner is often considered the master of the atmospheric landscape. Turner didn’t invent the atmospheric painting, but he did push it farther than any other artist and paintings, for example, Snowstorm, from 1842, exemplifies Turner’s mastery of paint, palette, light, and atmosphere, and borders on abstraction. 

JMW Turner, Snowstorm. 1842
JMW Turner. Snowstorm, 1942

Every look upon nature is a refinement of art.

J.M.W. Turner

The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, a magnificent watercolor from 1834, although at first glance merely looks like a ‘study” (or draft for a final piece), is actually a stunningly detailed and emotive piece of art…for all intents and purposes, an “abstract” piece of work. We can just make out the shapes, forms, and spires of Parliament, and we can feel the heat emanating from Turner’s frenzied flames.

JMW Turner. The Burning of the Houses of Parliment
JMW Turner. The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, 1834

Mary Nevicosi’s Wisconsin landscapes evoke the color, atmosphere, and mood that we love in Turner’s work. Her painting, Updraft (above), offers that “Turner-like” color palette. The grey clouds with blue sky peeking through and the earthy foreground all in a swirly, abstract composition. 

Mary Nevicosi, Spring Breaks
Mary Nevicosi, Spring Breaks (via Saatchi Art)

In her painting, Spring Breaks, Nevicosi offers an abstracted interpretation of spring into summer. The grey sky above balanced by the verdant green and hints of yellows and reds that could easily be summer wildflowers. Likewise, she introduces more jagged brushstrokes that convey an atmosphere in flux. We love getting a glimpse into the bucolic atmosphere that inspires Mary Nevicosi’s paintings, and we think Mr. Turner would likewise be enchanted. 

Open edition prints of Mary Nevicosi‘s art are available on Saatchi Art.

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