A painting by Sara Marlowe Hall featured in The Art oF WFH in Lonely Ocean Art Blog
Sara Marlowe Hall, Untitled (19/20)

Ah, the art of WFH! As so many of us settle into the new reality of working from home, tips for making a successful transition are everywhere. In my view, an environment to keep you focused, productive and creative is critical. And, if you’re like me, you might not have a dedicated room for a home office. If that’s the case, I’ll show you how to set up something that is just as effective and equally inspired. 

Home office in the dining room. Kurt Piazza prints.
Kurt’s Home Work Space

My home office is my dining room. Is it ideal? No, but the chairs are comfortable, I face the sunroom, I can stream music (usually classical to keep me focused and relaxed) to my TV in the living room, and I have a series of my own digital prints on the dining room wall behind me. I installed the prints in a grid pattern. For me, the symmetry helps keep me focused and the (mostly black and white) abstracted images help keep my brain stimulated throughout the day. 

I try not to clutter up surfaces. I keep some art books on the 1970s credenza I inherited from my parents. There is also a soft light source from the lamp (I have a bit of a fetish for lamps!), and of course plants, I’m terrible with plants so I opted for some artificial succulents (no judgment please!). I won’t kill them and they still provide something green and a sense of something natural. Honestly, I do have two house plants that I’ve managed to keep alive….everything in life is a balance! 

Bruce March Watercolor
Taylor Crosland Photography

In the opposite corner, there’s a watercolor I bought last year by Bruce Marsh, who was Professor of Visual Art for more than 30 years at the University of South Florida. There’s also a haunting black and white photograph of a Paris street corner by Taylor Crosland.

Mixed Media by Carolina Sardi
Oil Painting Anna Kluber
Kurt Piazza Art of WFH

When I look out into the sunroom, I can also see the little mixed media on paper by my friend, Carolina Sardi, an Argentinian sculptor who lives and works in Miami. And there’s a lush oil painting by my friend Anna Kiuber, with whom I attended art school. 

WFH everyday has definitely taken some getting used to but it’s also made me appreciate what I have. Likewise, the extra time at home has presented a great opportunity to make some art, do a lot of writing and lastly, one of my favorite pastimes, rearranging my furniture and art!

Hopefully, the set up I’ve created for myself has inspired you! But if you need some more inspiration, here are a few artworks I’ve discovered online you might consider when you’re putting together your own WFH space. 

Daniela Schweinsburg. Spring Garden 2 featured in Kurt Piazza's The Art of WFH
Daniela Schweinsberg, Spring Garden #2

I love this little mixed media painting Spring Garden #2, by German artist Daniela Schweinsberg. From her wonderful sense of color to the movement and immediacy of the composition, this little painting would add interest and sophistication to any WFH environment. This painting is available on RiseArt, one of many fantastic sources to buy art online.

Sara Marlowe Hall, Untitled (19,20)
Sara Marlowe Hall, Untitled (19,20)

There’s nothing I love more than the combination of brown and blue. I’m crazy about this piece from Los Angeles-based artist Sara Marlowe Hall, who uses natural pigments (sourced during her travels through Morocco). She beautifully combines these natural pigments, along with acrylic and plaster to achieve new effects of color and texture, and her piece, Untitled (19,20) would elevate anyone’s work environment. It’s available through the Tappan Collective, a great online site for collectors of emerging artists.

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